Healthcare Reform…Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Reform Bill Gaining Steam in US Congress…Republicans Return With Last Chance Drive To Reform Obamacare…VOTE YES!…

Bulk of money will be divided between the states to use for there own healthcare system. Whether its for there own one payer system or providing more financial resources to existing programs medicaid and subsidized insurance plans. Eliminate penalties and fines…Protect individuals with pre-existing conditions so they can purchase health insurance that is non biased to their condition… This is a start in correcting problems with Obamacare and give states the resources to provide quality healthcare by which the state decides how to use the money from the federal government. Currently, Insurance markets are having less and less insurance providers and half the states aren’t receiving medicaid funding from Obamacare.

Graham Cassidy 77

Graham and Cassidy will be the last shot many of these current republicans have in reforming healthcare and coming through with the party promises to reform Healthcare.

REP. NANCY PELOSI…Democrat Standard Bearer Is Shouted Down By Her Own Constitutes…DACA Immigrants Shout Amnesty For All 11 Million Illegal Immigrants…


Got a little hot around the collar for Rep. Nancy Pelosi today in her home city of Sanctuary San Francisco. Rep. PelosiĀ  isĀ  currently negotiating a pathway for citizenship for the documented 800,000 DACA immigrants….The protesters today state they represent DACA immigrants who are demanding amnesty for 11 million undocumented and illegal immigrants that currently reside in the United States….President Trump is pushing for stronger border control and tighter immigration enforcement throughout the United States not just along the border.