President Trump 2017…Overall Grade B+…

The economy is much better in my area. Jobs are way up and good jobs not just entry level positions. That creates opportunity something after 2008 many thought were gone in their lifetime. Still though there are still too many vacant manufacturing and industrial locations that are awaiting to be revitalized by company and corporations that left overseas or Mexico. Tax Reform was promised and delivered in 2017. Lower taxes for working Americans and a lower business tax rate that is spurring economic growth right now and into 2018.

2nd Foreign policy is much better. Trump will take a stand and hold it. He doesn’t step back and he is tenacious when threaten particular in dealing with ISIS and North Korea. America  1st is the banner President declared in the 2016 campaign and so far he has delivered.

3rd great Supreme Justice pick in Neil Gorsuch well respected on both sides of the aisle and a great overall pick by the President.

4th Tried to get Obamacare repealed and replaced but Senate GOP Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell is much to blame in not getting it done in the U.S.Senate.

5th Keep tweeting it drives the fake news media crazy because their daily anti Trump fake news narrative  gets disruptive. Liberal pundits worry bout just saying anything and being called out on it now.

NOT SO GOOD…Attorney General Jeff Sessions….President Trump during the campaign said cannabis should be left up to the states. The status quo under Obama would continue as Federal prosecutors would adhere to state laws concerning the medical and recreational use of cannabis. Attorney Gen Jeff Sessions has come out after the 2018 New Year and out of the blue decides to rescind the Cannabis memo concerning handling cannabis in legalized states. As of now a Gallup Poll shows 64% of Americans support legalizing Cannabis for recreational use. This is a multi billion dollar industry that could support a lot of jobs entrepreneurship. Instead of filling up the cash coffers of drug cartels in Mexico and central America.