U.S. CONGRESS…House Republicans Fulfill Promise To Repeal And Replace Obamacare…Speaker Paul Ryan Gets The Votes For The American Health Care Act 2017…On To The Senate…

Ryan healthcare act 2017

The American Health Care Act eliminates penalties for those that don’t want a comprehensive healthcare insurance plan…Insurance plans in the Act would allow individuals the option to pick and choose types of coverage prescription,emergency, and preventive care. Which in turn should provide cheaper tailor made plans that an individual can choose from. The act sets up health saving accounts and federal credits to off set monthly premiums will be based on age. Now off to the Senate…

U.S. Congress… Can’t Blame Trump In Repeal And Replace Obamacare Or The Current Budget Debate…House and Senate Republicans Can’t Come To Consensus Due To Both Chambers Leadership…

Perhaps Repeal And Replace Paul Ryan And Mitch McConnell should be enacted…

rep congress

If it was up to President Trump the ink would have already dried in repealing and replacing Obamacare but both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are unable to whip the republican body into consensus in order to move forward in Congress on obamacare nor the budget.

North Korea…Warns of ‘Super-Mighty Preemptive Strike’ On South Korea and U.S…I Respond ‘Bring It On’

North Korea Founder's Birthday

Enough of the tough talk and threats after threats. That’s what North Korea does talks a big game but, knows the real consequences if they were to attack South Korea or U.S. Military stationed. I come to the conclusion that if North Korea doesn’t stop immediately with all it’s military bluster and missile launches  that U.S. and South Korea should decimate its military and civil  infrastructure to a pile of rubble.

North Korea makes out the U.S. is going to attack them any moment since there was an armistice in 1953. So, for over 60 years they have brain washed its people to prepare for the great invasion all in the mean time running a military state with no decent and Kim Jung Un and his Father and Grandfather have ruled like a dictatorship-Monarchs with an iron fist using executions and assassinations to eliminate any opposition to their rule.

Let me be clear I’m not advocating War , I am just suggesting we just call them out and stand tough to the bully talk enough of all this blustering and declaring war. If I lived in Seoul, South Korea I wouldn’t put up with it just like we acted in the Cuban Missile Crisis with Russia. We weren’t going to allow a nation 90 miles from the United States to hold us under a nuclear trigger with land based missiles. Also, in the mean time North Korea continues to add to there missile and nuclear capability at a point South Korea and Japan could be struck with weapons killing thousands.

So, North Korea you have said you are going to make a Super Mighty preemptive Strike  well what are you waiting for?Make my day!


Curent U.S. and South Korea joint military exercises