Confederate Statues…Cities, Towns, and /or Counties Should Debate and Then Vote Whether To Remove Statues and Monuments…

I live in South Carolina and there are many Confederate memorials and statues throughout the state. Just about every county has a memorial statue of a faceless confederate in stride or at attention. Around the base of the memorial you’ll find the names of the dead from that county or town that sent men and boys to support the lost cause. In cities across South Carolina  Columbia, Greenville, and Charleston you’ll find statues of Confederate Generals and political leaders.

In the aftermath of  the violence at Charlottesville  between many violent neo-nazi white supremacists and some equally violent anti protesters Antifa/Black Lives Matter. The discussion by anti confederate statue proponents have raised the question to remove statues here in South Carolina. I have no problem bring it to discussion , debate , and then vote whether to keep the statues or remove them. I just don’t want to see statues and memorials torn down with ropes and chains by an angry mob.

How would I vote is a pragmatic approach. I would vote to remove all individual Confederate Generals and especially civilian leaders who signed secession and advocated for secession. Any General or political leader at the time of secession owned slaves. I would vote to keep statues and memorials of confederate soldiers of whom vastly didn’t own slaves. Slaves were property and were worth more than the average southern farmer could afford. There were also many boys that answered the call to duty some as young as thirteen. I believe we can still honor their calling by their local community and yet point out there service was in defense of a socially unjust society built on a slave based economic society.

SC Joohnny Reb

Confederate Soldier Monument Columbia, SC, Dedicated May 13, 1879

Charlottesville,V.A…. Lone N.C. Man In A Confederate Uniform and Flag At The Base Of Robert E. Lee Statue…Vast Majority Of White Southerners Are Not Racist..,Yet, Still Honor The Dead Confederate Soldiers…

This perhaps wasn’t the best timing for Allen Armentrout a North Carolina man dressed in Johnny Reb uniform and carrying a Confederate Battle Flag to Robert E. Lee park the epicenter of violence between both sides of white supremists and antiprotesters who were equal violent that morning. Sadly that afternoon a young man from Ohio a white supremacist plowed into a crowd of anti protesters killing one young lady and injuring dozens that has caused tension in Charlottesville, VA.

As for Mr. Armentrout he said he came to honor the Robert E. Lee statue that he says has been hijacked by white supremacists and ultra white groups, and completely disagrees with the views expressed at the weekend’s Unite the Right rally and condemned the events that resulted in the death of city resident Heather Heyer.

Many people stood in front of Armentrout, chanting “Racist go home,” “terrorist go home,” and “tear it down” in reference to the statue.

Some confronted him directly, giving him the finger as he occasionally saluted the statue and looked straight ahead. Some told him Heyer’s blood is on his hands for supporting the Confederate symbols and that his presence was unwanted as they were trying to mourn her loss.

A few Charlottesville police officers responded to the area after the crowd began to grow, monitoring the situation until they asked Armentrout if he would like leave due to the size of the crowd. He agreed and was escorted back to his vehicle, Lt. Steve Upman said in an email.

Before the crowd arrived, Armentrout said he came to Charlottesville to let people know there are people who are not white supremacists who support the Confederacy and Lee. Many Confederate flags were visible Saturday in Robert E. Lee Park before an unlawful assembly was declared, as well as during the July 8 Ku Klux Klan rally.

“It hurts my heart that people come out here and misappropriate Robert E. Lee and the Confederate flag for their personal agendas,” he said. “I’m out here to honor my ancestors and honor the men who died under the command of Robert E. Lee, and I think me being out here shows that I hope to accomplish the fact that the world can see that there’s non-racist pro-Confederate people out there that love freedom and independence.”

Armentrout said he was ashamed of what he saw unfold in Charlottesville on Saturday, and hopes James Alex Fields Jr., the man charged with ramming his car into a crowd of people that killed Heyer and injured 19 others, serves time.

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This white southerner also wants Director of Dept. Of Justice Jeff Sessions…In Front Of The Media Answering These Questions On White Supremacists groups and Neo-Nazis…And allow groups who have different opinions engage in peaceful debate on Confederate Monuments.

North Korea…Kim Jong Un Announced Through North Korea State Run Media He Is Delaying Launching Missiles At/Near Guam…It Seems The Only Way To Stand Up To A Bully, Is To Stand Up To A Bully…

The Only Way To Stand Up To A Bully, Is To Stand Up To A Bully. We’ve lacked the courage needed to stand up to North Korea and President Donald Trump showed the right backbone calling Kim Jong Un out on his threats to Guam.

Kim Jong Un

HATE vs HATE…Confederate Soldier Statue Toppled Down In Durham N.C. By Emboldened Mob …This Is Not The way To Erase American History…Reminds me of ISIS Fighters destroying Ancient Statues in Mosul,Iraq…

I’m not in favor of taking down these statues but take it to a vote and let people’s vote decide. Most of us in the South have kin that fought in the Civil War. I just see the statues as a reminder of an oppressive slave based economic society that fought a lost cause, but  they are  also a memorial to the thousands of young southern men that lost their lives whom most didn’t own slaves.

johnny reb

Looks Familiar…