The Key…FLORIDA…Currently Clinton Holds A 2% Lead In The Real Clear Politics Aggregate Of Presidential Polls…”Make America Great Again”

If Trump wins the traditional republican states in the South and Midwest. He has a real good chance of winning battleground states Ohio,Pennsylvania, and North Carolina which are key too but, he needs to defeat Clinton in Florida election day and currently Clinton is holding by a razor thin lead in the Sunshine state. I’ll be watching Florida closely to the run-up to election day which I believe holds the key to a Trump victory November 8th.

California…Ground Zero For The Democratic Party Battle…

If Sanders wins the California Primary shouldn’t  the elite democratic party super delegates begin to change allegiance and back Sanders. The party is so split thanks to the contested battle between Obama and Clinton in 2008 that clintonites and the democratic party find themselves in a weaker position than they ever imagined going into the democratic convention and states like Ohio, Florida , Michigan, and North Carolina can’t be won in the general election with  Hillary Clinton as the Presidential nominee.