In Denial…Hillary Clinton Lost The Election When She Abandoned The West, South, Middle, and Rural America…Not Russians…


Hillary Clinton didn’t advocate nor campaign for hard working middle class Americans in rural and rust belt America. There’s this blind eye coming from the Clinton’s and democrats at the eroding of prosperity and opportunity in all of these communities and towns and it bit them in the ass November 2016.

Trump Tomahawks Syrian Airport…Gorsuch Confirmed New Associate Supreme Justice…Hillary Clinton Blames The World For Losing…

 trump oval phone

Trump took action and showed he is prepared to use force if needed. This is a good thing though I would be more tight lipped on whether to use military action unless you’re laying down an ultimatum.

supreme jusice gorsuchJudge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed in the Senate today and the U.S. Supreme Court has a new lifetime member. Conservatives should be happy they won a great victory confirming Gorsuch a worthy replacement for the late Supreme Justice Anthony Scalia.

Democrats have to be  scratching their head why did we nominate Hillary Clinton.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Capitol Hill in Washington

It’s reported Hillary Clinton blames Russia, Men, FBI, and everyone else in the world  for losing the presidential election. It always seems to be someone else fault or the they caused the problem. Hillary lost for two reasons one a lot of people don’t trust her to tell the truth and she showed a blind eye to major concerns in rural and industrial america concerning alarming loss of jobs and opportunity.

Clinton’s Reel After FBI Reopens Investigations After More Clinton Emails Are Found On Former Ex Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Mobile Device…


Whoa Nellie ,It seems Clinton just can’t wipe clean her emails from which were supposed to have been kept secure on her personal email server locked away in a closet at her home. Mismanagement and pure bad judgement by Hillary Clinton who was circumventing security protocols on State Department emails which she was keeping secretly on an email server at her home seems to have been found on ex congressman Anthony Weiner’s mobile device. The ex congressman was pushed out of his congressional seat after inappropriate sexual pictures were shared by him with  other woman outside of his marriage with Abedin Hillary’s’ personal assistant. It begs the question how could classified and non classified information from the State Department could have been stored on a personal mobile device way outside normal protocol. Hillary Clinton who plays by her own playbook has been surely hoping to get to election day before more information has surfaced on her handling with information on State affairs. It just shows how Hillary Clinton will lead in the future with half truths and misleading information whenever it could be negative or threatening to her and the Clinton’s.

The Key…FLORIDA…Currently Clinton Holds A 2% Lead In The Real Clear Politics Aggregate Of Presidential Polls…”Make America Great Again”

If Trump wins the traditional republican states in the South and Midwest. He has a real good chance of winning battleground states Ohio,Pennsylvania, and North Carolina which are key too but, he needs to defeat Clinton in Florida election day and currently Clinton is holding by a razor thin lead in the Sunshine state. I’ll be watching Florida closely to the run-up to election day which I believe holds the key to a Trump victory November 8th.

Trump Does Well Against Polished Clinton…Trump Wins Economic Debate And Showed He Is Well Versed In Global Politics…

I was a little worried Trump may stumble in their first debate against Clinton but he was well prepared and countered all of Clinton’s well polished talking points. She has to wear NAFTA and the terrible trade deals in which democrats are more concerned with other countries concerns rather United States workers. Trump was well prepared and on point in taking on ISIS and threats to the United States rather the pacifist attitude Clinton has taken against radical Islam.