Manchester,England…Terrorist Target’s Youths At Concert…22 Dead…Single Suicide Bomber Explodes Bomb Loaded With Nails…




News Medias Seemed Obsessed That British majority Vote Out Of EU Is A Tumultuous Event…Bretix Is Good Democracy And Speaks To The Concerns Of It’s People…Which Is A Good Political Process…

Hurrah for the Brits on which ever the vote had gone to either stay or leave in the EU. But the  news media’s obsession of reporting negatively about Brits voting out of the EU shows a deep hidden bias. What is so disturbing to allow democracy to decide one nation’s political process to an important issue and not the opinions  of a few news experts who seem to believe they know better than the lives of the  people.Congrats to the people of Britain and to democracy which for good and bad is our best system  in deciding these major questions.