Charlottesville, Virginia…Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists Clash With Anti-Protesters …1 Dead 19 Injured After Neo- Nazi Supporter Drives into Anti-Protesters…Where Was Law Enforcement?…City Admin Share Blame Knew Ahead Of Time Both Radical Groups Could Clash Without Proper Control.

This stems from the removal of a Gen. Robert E. Lee statue of the American Civil War being removed from a city park in  Charlottesville, VA. Also, there have been other statues across the South the last number of years taken down that commemorate Confederate Leaders, Military Officers and, the fallen confederate soldiers. Much of this has to do with local and state  law enforcement not being prepared early on allowing these people the white nationalists and others who just want to preserve their heritage to march up  to the park or other location near the Gen. Robert E. Lee statue and have their day in the Sun. Unfortunately, folks on both sides converged on Charlottesville from around the state and outside the state that brought the more violent and militant of their factions. Either neo nazi skinheads to black live matters or what other ultra racial radical groups out there made Charlottesville the epicenter. As much as I don’t like or agree with another persons ideas and speech I don’t have to listen to it. What makes this country great is  that we can express ideas even if they are hateful or nonsensical.  Ultra groups left or right have hot ideas and they need to release those ideas and thus cool down, if not released that hot idea is going to boil over in a mess.

charva rally


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