North Korea…Why are we where we are with North Korea…A Failed Foreign Policy of Kicking The Can Down The Road For 65 years…

A peace treaty was never signed  July 27,1953 just an armistice to decease from hostility between Russia,China,North Korea vs. United Nations, South Korea. Now over 65 years we have had this carrot/stick policy which North Korea would tests bombs and we would offer oil and food to decease and so we go. Sure they can destroy the Korean Peninsula but they can’t touch the United States. Since the early 1990’s South Korea and the United States have been hoping China would save the day. China isn’t helping stop and they haven’t really lifted a finger in talking to North Korea and halting long range missile tests and atomic explosive testing. This failed policy has now given North Korea the time to perfect long range missiles and the North Koreans are now able to miniaturize a nuclear weapon and place it on top a missile. Bottom line we keep kicking this can and a whole lot more lives are going to die because the North Koreans use an arsenal of nuclearized weapons in which they were able to test and improve and build a hydrogen bomb. If China hasn’t been able to  stop North Korea by now what makes you think they are going to stop North Korea from producing far more deadlier weapons. Its a failed policy and it’s time to confront North Korea before they have the H-Bomb and use it on American soil.


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