Black Democrat leaders Sling Mud On The Wall And Try To Make It Stick…Calling Trump A Racist and Bigot…

Rep. Sheila Jackson from Texas and other black democrats came out today calling Trump a racist…Really!… Not founded on facts but just throw it out there in desperation to help Hillary Clinton and divide the national electorate racially in order to gain political points. As if we haven’t seen enough  racial divide in the news reported on founded and not so founded news such as this stunt from black democrat black leaders. First off, Hillary Clinton isn’t the one i’d trust because every decision she makes is based politically and where the wind blows and not on true conviction.Second, because of her and husband Bill Clinton is why so many black men find themselves serving extreme sentences which the Clinton’s supported in the 1990’s. As far as Trump it boils down to performance and morality not the color of his or hers skin. The man has thousands of black employees working for him and in leadership roles some making seven figures. Rep Sheila Jackson should learn from Peter who called wolf when lying only to be confronted by a real wolf and was killed. By coming out like this and accusing Trump is a racist on unfounded truths the real racist are these black leaders whose only goal is to say anything to get Hillary Clinton elected President.



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