01/27/1998 Hillary Clinton…Don’t Take Ownership And Be Honest To The American People…That’s What The American People Should Be Wary Of Another Clinton Presidency…

It’s Not My Husband’s Fault He Has Oral Sex Performed In The Oval Office With Another Woman…No It’s A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy…A true test of character is admit you are wrong and not blame others. Many Americans were offended by the indecent behavior by President Clinton. Hillary Clinton showed a true character flaw that morning on the Today Show in which she blamed not her husband’s infidelity was wrong but others who felt he should be impeached. She simply should have apologized for her husband’s behavior and moved on instead of blaming others who she felt were exploiting the situation. Hillary Clinton has not been honest in the past nor does she admit guilt when she is in the wrong as in most recently her secret email server which she stored top secret messages which were outside secured government digital protection. Again she deflects any wrong doing and lately is blaming Colin Powell which she says advised her to keep a secret email server stored in her home. It’s always someone else’s fault and that is who is possibly the next President of the United States. How can we be certain if she becomes President during a crisis we are being told the truth. What if a crisis occurs in her presidency and mistakes are made will we get the truth or some blurred statement that she wants to hide from the American people.Hillary Clinton and the ex-president Bill Clinton have shown a pattern of deflecting the true reality when it comes to accepting guilt and we might elect another Clinton to lead and represent the United States. I believe they had their chance and failed to show the character a sitting president should possess.


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