The Worm Has Turned…I’m Officially Supporting and Voting for Trump in November 8th…

I’m an Independent. I don’t believe in party politics because I believe in the individual not a party of slogans and promises that are generated by a small group of collective political hacks that have the power to manipulate the good of America. I’m referring primarily to the Democrat party which has sold out and gutted the economic prosperity this country once supported middle America. I have come to this conclusion on two perspectives that are deeply affecting our country.

One of these is a current recurring theme that is in the media right now and that is the War on Terrorism from Islamic Radicals. I believe in looking to the past and current events in looking at what we as a country need to do in protecting lives and our way of freedom. I’m in my late forties and I’ve seen continual conflict and death in result to bands of radical Islamist who choose a jihadist view in taking death and turmoil outside the Middle East. We have had ships,planes, and trains attacked and hijacked by radical Islamist in Europe,Asia, and North America as we have seen more recently in France and Belgium. This is a cancer small cells and growths that are eventually going to spread to us in the United States and if we aren’t vigilant they are going to strike and we are going to see death turmoil in the likes of 9/11. I do not believe banning all Muslims or in turning groups of Americans like was done to Japanese Americans in World War II nor should there be an across the board ban on immigration from the Middle East and more specific Muslim faith immigrants but, there has to to be a stronger and more vigilant approach due to the facts and the current threat that is posed to all of us in the United States by radical Muslims who are intent to cause death and destruction to our way of life. The threat is real and if we are not brave enough to take the steps needed in keeping these terrorists and jihadists out of the country we are going to look back and wonder why we didn’t do what was needed in preventing the deaths to Americans because we felt the threat was over there and it can’t possibly happen here in the United States.

The second reason I am voting for Trump is he has traveled rural America and the suburbs and is talking out loud what he has seen instead of Hillary Clinton who sees these areas with blinders. I have been around long enough to know what America has been and is now  and this is not the America I grew up nor the one my parents and their parents. Just take a ride outside any metropolitan city and  take the time to walk down Main street America most of it is gone. Look at the factories and manufacturing plants that have supported small towns and rural counties across the country they are shells dilapidated and vacant. The middle America that I once knew is evaporating before our eyes. The American families that have worked and lived outside the heavy service industry cities are really hurting and just like the Okies of the great dust bowl have picked up and left. Bad trade deals and selling out by our political leaders who are more concerned on a collective world economic order instead of our U.S.  prosperity. The message is go to college become highly skilled learn new technology and you will be rewarded with a job that your father could have only dreamed. I’m sorry that is not cutting it there are millions of Americans who after High school move on hit the rubber rolling and find the road is a dead end now. This is not the America I want for the future of children growing up nor the young teens and twenty something that are not going to experience the options of prosperity I had when I was there age. They are going to be deprived of opportunities that we over forty had when we were coming up. I believe Trump is the candidate that is seriously addressing the reality that is affecting America from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Recently in the media specifically MSNBC  and CNN  you hear this branding of white angry non college men supporting Trump.This branding is a direct attack and to paint the image of angry white men who support Trump to be racists men from the fifties and sixties . This is bull-crap the vast folks that are supporting Trump comes from a swell of deprived individuals from these areas that are affected by the extreme economic downturn that is affecting millions of people who are being ignored by our current political leaders and the current Clinton camp that wants to keep the status quo which is not acceptable. On  November 8th i’m going to my local polling place and voting for the first time for a Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump.



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