The Worm Has Turned…I’m Officially Supporting and Voting for Trump in November 8th…

Oblogma Sense

I’m an Independent. I don’t believe in party politics because I believe in the individual not a party of slogans and promises that are generated by a small group of collective political hacks that have the power to manipulate the good of America. I’m referring primarily to the Democrat party which has sold out and gutted the economic prosperity this country once supported middle America. I have come to this conclusion on two perspectives that are deeply affecting our country.

One of these is a current recurring theme that is in the media right now and that is the War on Terrorism from Islamic Radicals. I believe in looking to the past and current events in looking at what we as a country need to do in protecting lives and our way of freedom. I’m in my late forties and I’ve seen continual conflict and death in result to bands…

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