BENGHAZI… Hillary’s Lack Of Leadership Under Fire…Hearings Set For Thursday…

benghazi 101

Benghazi a terrible night in which  Ambassador Stevens and three other U.S. men were killed after an attack on the American consulate there. At that time Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton ignored the serious security concerns that the consulate was under and though there were many requests for more security assets she claims she was hamstrung because of money. She has never admitted any responsibility for the lack of inadequate security though Libya had just been through a bloody civil war and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi. Wouldn’t it  had been more prudent to have heeded security concerns that were being reported from Benghazi and the precarious consulate and its physical defense. Why were only two security assets guarding the Ambassador although the country wasn’t even pacified by the bloody Libyan Civil War. Secretary Hillary Clinton ignored the warning signs on the ground in Benghazi and put these men in a indefensible position to adequately defend themselves. This was a volatile place and yet they had a diplomatic contingent that you would may find in a small island country like Jamaica.

Secretary Hillary Clinton brushes aside any responsibility although four men were killed on a diplomatic mission she authorized. She continues to blame others in the State Department for the inadequate contingencies to help provide security in Benghazi and Thursday we will hear from her on her decisions during that time in a Congressional hearing.



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