FREE KIM DAVIS…DAY 6…HUGE RALLY TODAY AT 3:00pm est…Mike Huckabee will be speaking in support…

kim davis hero

Kim Davis a democrat who is championing traditional marriage a tradition that goes back thousands of years will be visited today by republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. This is not a right-left issue same-sex marriage was voted down in 2008 in California  as it was on the same ballot as President Obama but he won and same-sex marriage lost. I believe this issue should be left to the states or clear legislation from the U.S. Congress needs to be brought to the floor. Traditional marriage is a cause that all political affiliates and non affiliates should begin to bring in this 2016 election on both sides democrats and republicans. This is the only way to get legislation that protects traditional marriage and sends a clear message to the courts what the law IS! Marriage is defined by a union of one man and one woman.


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