FREE KIM DAVIS…DAY 5…Rally Tuesday w/Mike Huckabee…Carter County Detention Center, Kentucky

kim davis hero

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will be holding a rally in front of the Carter County Detention Center Tuesday September 8th 3:00 pm eastern time locally. I hope to see a diversified crowd of supporters white,black,brown, christians, secular, muslim, men, women, young ,and old. This issue crosses all boundaries of the spectrum and that we are united against same-sex marriage and the persecution of our elected officials like Kim Davis who is in jail WITHOUT BOND. Today its Kim Davis tomorrow there will be many more jailed if we don’t take a stand and get Kim Davis Free and then address legislation that will address laws that reflect the true values of America and that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. As someone who takes a secular view I see no reason to accommodate same-sex unions but not equal to traditional marriage between man and woman.

—Attorneys for Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis have officially appealed a judge’s decision to put her in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples–

Get Involved sign the petition to free Kim Davis….This petition will be presented by Mike Huckabee Tuesday when he visits Mrs. Davis and her supporters..



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