Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Standing Up For Traditional Marriage And Our Values…FREE KIM DAVIS

We need federal legislation that protect traditional marriage and protect Americans from persecution from federal courts that are ruling from opinions and not laws or statutes.

kim davis hero

It is gross neglect that they jailed Kim Davis the Kentucky county clerk  who wouldn’t sign off on same-sex marriages. How in the heck can you thrust down the throats same-sex marriage an affront to our traditions and values since the founding of our nation. Marriage of a man and a woman traces back beyond recorded time. There is no equal to a marriage between a man and a woman which is woven into our American fabric. This is not racism nor gender bias it’s just a fundamental fact that our ancestors and forefathers understood and never envisioned same-sex marriage sanctioned by our institutions.

There has to be some accommodation that will allow these people to join in a civil union but not sanctioned by our governments and given equal status to traditional marriage. There is no comparison in what a man and  a woman bonded in union and the offspring that they produce is one of our core fabrics the family which should be held higher. Same sex unions do not produce and grow into family units  nor do they have the same responsibilities as a traditional family. So thank you Kim Davis and I stand with you and what I believe is a majority of Americans who strongly disagree with this oddity of men marrying men and women marrying women its misnomer to what marriage and family is a union of a Man and A Woman.

Michael Peroutka at the Kim Davis Rally 09/05/15


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