Debaltseve,Ukraine…Falls To Pro-Russian Separtisits Fighters…


Ukrainian Troops Withdraw From Key Town…(SkyNews).

It appears most Ukrainian forces have now left the town of Debaltseve in East Ukraine and Pro-Russian Separatists Fighters have taken the town. From all accounts the town stands to be a key geographic goal for the Ukrainian separatists which the town contains a key provincial railroad hub. If this is the central military objective by the separatists and the Ukrainian forces have pulled out will the Ukrainian military pull back west of Debaltseve and decease from trying to retake the town.

Hopefully, the final lines have been drawn now and both sides should stand down and begin pulling all heavy weapons artillery and tanks back far away from the conflict. While monitors and observers are given unconditional access through eastern Ukraine. Can the ceasefire now be fully implemented by both forces? This is the next chapter but we should really know in the coming days if the Russians are going to really comply with the agreed Minsk ceasefire and whether the Ukrainian forces will give up Debaltseve in order to find peace.


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