Where Is the Enforcement Of The Ceasefire Agreement?

Ukrainian armed forces take their position near Debaltseve

Ukrainian armed forces take their position near Debaltseve, eastern Ukraine February 16, 2015. Ukrainian armed forces are not ready to withdraw heavy weapons, as agreed at the Minsk four-power peace talks, because separatists are violating the ceasefire, a Kiev military spokesman said on Monday. (REUTERS/Gleb Garanich)

Are monitors reporting abuses/violations on both sides and if or once reported are chains of command on both sides rolling down and taking action.There has to be no tolerance on both sides and severe consequences taken from the Ukrainians and Russians/Pro-Russian commanders to implement the cease-fire. Light shed on the areas from the monitors/observers and also the media should point out exactly where the hostilities occur. The world must see who is not abiding by the agreement of the ceasefire and whether there is action taken by commanders on the ground to enforce the ceasefire and whether further up the chain of command is the agreed ceasefire being violated.


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