Sarah Palin loses in her Home State Of Alaska Backing Politically and Financially George Miller For U.S. Senate seat

Conservative Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin, pictured in October 2010, said Wednesday she could beat President Barack Obama in a race for the White House amid growing speculation she will run for the presidency in 2012.« (AFP/Getty Images/File/Randy Snyder)

Ex- half term quitter the governor of Alaska pulled out all the stops to help her tea party candidate George Miller win the Alaskan U.S. Senate seat but failed when write in candidate republican Lisa Murkowski won the seat outright. Question is  if Mrs. Palin can’t win in her backyard she may not be as formable candidate in the presidential general election as some political pundits have suggested in 2012.

The stunning victory of a write in candidate that stopped the tea party express.(AFP/Getty Images/File/Chip Somodevilla)


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