California’s Prop 19 To Legalize Marijuana For Adults Looks To Have a 50-50 chance passing Tuesday

(AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)

Over a month ago prop 19 had a 6 or 7  point lead in passing and then within the last month polls indicated support slipping and a 7 point lead for opposition, but recent polls this week show support gained and now proposition 19 appears it could go either way about evenly split for the historic repeal of marijuana laws in California. Major support for the proposition will have to come from younger voters who may not be the most reliable voters but could come out Tuesday Nov. 2nd and rally behind passing the prop 19.

Proposition 19 could be a big tax boom and an economic vanguard for entrepreneurs also drug cartels could see significant losses in the marijuana trade. Legalization for adults could also save California near a billion dollars in enforcement, prosecution,and incarceration of non violent offenders. A lot of eyes will be red late Tuesday night waiting for the results on the historic proposition and it could be the first significant common sense drug policy change in the United States in 74 years.

Dr. Frank Lucido, center, speaks in front of medical marijuana patients and supporters of Proposition 19, the state initiative to control and tax cannabis,at a news conference in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010.(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

 Police Chief McNamara: Vote YES On Proposition 19


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