Debate, Debate, and Debate! Haley vs. Sheheen South Carolina Gubernatorial Race

Trouble for Nikki Haley in South Carolina?

All over the country there are a multitude of last moment political debates going on before Tuesday 11/2/2010 election. There are some hotly contested gubernatorial races going on around the country. One of them  between Palin’s grizzly mom Nikki Haley against Democrat Vincent Sheheen. What  was a wash over a month ago as Haley had a double-digit lead over  Sheheen with the help of the Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin, but in  recent month allegations of tax disclosures and business practices by Nikki Haley have had a many republicans taking a harder look at Sheheen. It’s the final week before the election and the last debates so anyone gets the jump on the other live in front of many undecided voters could make their mind up this week on who will be South Carolina’s next governor.


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