South Carolina Governor’s Race ‘Nikki Haley Tea-Party Darling’

Well since Sarah Palin the defacto tea-party leader has come and campaigned for Nikki Haley a lot of outside money has poured into her political campaign coffer. 

Sheheen leads Haley in money race…For Now…

  Nikki ‘Sanford’ Haley. So the half term ex-governor of Alaska who quit her job and her state for money. Is now defacto leader of the tea-party and running the South Carolina republican party. The more things change around here the more it stays the same.

 Sure, If Nikki Haley wins the governor’s race in November she will make South Carolina history to be the first Indian-American and woman to be the governor of our state, but her politics and policies will be more of the same governance under current Guv. Mark Sanford froth with bickering political fights with the legislators over trivial issues that will lead the state further down into economic stagnation and unemployment. The State government is already cut to the bone and taxes are at an all time low yet we still have unemployment hovering around 10% and no real leadership from a lame duck governor who fiddles as Rome burns.

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