Man Of Steele Eats Crow Pie…”Declaring Afghanistan War Unwinnable”

Michael Steele Set Fireworks In Afghan War Gaffe…

While the GOP  Committee leader Michael Steele was explaining why the Afghanistan War from where the U.S. was attacked 2001 was unwinnable and declaring The Afghanistan War is President Obama’s war of chose. The new supreme allied commander of Afghanistan Gen. David Petraeus was taking the reigns and declaring “The U.S. Is In It To Win It”, and explaining the extreme Islamic threat Al-Qaeda and the Taliban  are still in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Now Michael Steele is walking back from his statements in this closed GOP fundraiser gaffe, but it begs the question if GOP Chairman Michael Steele  thinks this is unwinnable and Obama’s War of choosing, is the Afghan War already predestined to fail?

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele, pictured on Capitol Hill in 2009, drew heavy fire Friday for confused comments in which he blamed the war in Afghanistan on President Barack Obama and seemed to label it a lost cause.(AFP/File/Saul Loeb)


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