Gen. ‘Loose Lips’ McCrystal Summoned Back To Washington After Rolling Stone Comments About President Obama


US General Stanley McChrystal, the leading military commander in Afghanistan, is seen here in 2009. McChrystal has apologized for a magazine profile that quotes him denouncing a top diplomat while his aides dismiss President Barack Obama and mock his deputies.(AFP/Getty Images/File/Alex Wong)

Gen. McChrystal the overall commander in Afghanistan has once again put his foot in his mouth after he and his aides are quoted in this months Rolling Stone calling President Obama and staff “Wimps” and “Clowns”. Gen McChrystal will be in Washington to meet with the President to explain his comments.

This is the second time Gen. McChrystal has been summoned to meet personally with the President the first was his open comments about his request for 40,000 more combat troops soon after President Obama’s inauguration. As Commander-in-Chief President Obama should wield his big stick and kick some butt and demonstrate the chain of command.


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