South Carolina Down-N-Dirty Republican Governors Primary


Nikki R Haley (REP)    48.86%

Gresham Barrett (REP)    21.76%

Nikki Haley weathered the storm she moves into a head to head  runoff in two weeks with runner-up Gresham Barrett. If Nikki Haley prevails she will have a bigger storm to face with South Carolina voters in November who see her as the same political mold as defunct current Governor Mark Sanford.



Candidates in the Republican primary for South Carolina governor, from left, U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, state Rep. Nikki Haley and state Attorney General Henry McMaster, wait for a debate to begin in a studio at WCSC-TV in Charleston, S.C. on Wednesday June 2, 2010.(AP Photo/The Post And Courier, Wade Spees)

Haley: There will never be proof of an affair…

In recent weeks South Carolina governor candidate Nikki Haley 37 yrs old has been defending an onslaught of sexual accusations. Two men have come forward and admitted having sexual relations with the mother of two and wife of thirteen years in recent weeks. The political tactics aren’t new to South Carolina a classic example was the 2000 accusations and rumors of Arizona Sen. John McCain that he  fathered a black child. The legendary Lee Atwater single handled broke down Dukakis’s presidential bid with the Willie Horton ads that allowed George Bush 41 to go on and become president. Last year South Carolina was shocked to find out its current governor Mark Sanford was having a secret love affair with an Argentine mistress and was soon divorced by his wife of over twenty years. 

The republican governor’s primary in South Carolina has shaped up to be just as wild and juicy as any political race in the country whether that’s something to be proud of is another debate but can Nikki Haley overcome the political attacks and overthrow the  good old boy political establishment in South Carolina or will the burning sensational sexual innuendoes flame just another South Carolina politician?

In a Monday May 3, 2010 photo, South Carolina Republican candidate for Governor Rep. Nikki Haley,R-Lexington, makes remarks during a televised debate in Columbia, S.C. A political blogger, Will Folks, claimed Monday, May 24, 2010 that he had an affair several years ago with Haley, a married Republican vying to become the state’s first female governor. Haley, vehemently denied the allegation, made in a post that contained no proof of a relationship.(AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain, File)


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