Arizona Is Right And 70% Of U.S. Citizens Agree With Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Law

U.S. Senators press for National Guard troops on border…

Rope hangs on Nogales, Arizona side

A rope hangs on the Nogales, Arizona side of the U.S.-Mexico border fence in this photo taken April 28, 2010. Police Chief Jack Harris of Phoenix, Arizona’slargest city said on April 30, 2010 the state’s controversial new crackdown on illegal immigrants would likely create more problems than it solved for local law enforcement. Picture taken April 28, 2010.REUTERS/John Russell

Mexican president Felipe Caulderon called Arizona’s new illegal immigration law “discriminatory” . What’s discriminatory once you’ve been pulled over for a traffic violation and in the coarse of the stop the person can’t produce the proper identification or answer basic questions about one’s residence. Again this new Arizona Law mirrors federal law the only thing different is that the State of Arizona is properly going to enforce the law. I disagree totally that immigration laws are only a federal matter it takes local authorities in cooperation with federal authorities to enforce our immigration laws.

For one there aren’t enough federal agents going after employers or checking illegal immigrants when they become incarcerated. President Obama needs to send National Guard troops along the border in the most compromised parts of the border where illegal immigrants and drug runners use to egress into the United States. I do agree we the United States needs to get tougher on gun running to Mexico in which the drug cartels that send drugs here are buying U.S. guns.

Everyday I see more people who can’t speak english who do construction and other jobs that Americans could be doing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognise they are here illegally. Here in South Carolina they under bid construction job after construction job because their standard of living is based on Mexico. A construction worker here in the United States with a small family can’t compete with mexicans who’s standard of living is far lesser. It’s a bunch of bologna that illegal immigrants are doing jobs U.S. citizens wont do,’that dog don’t hunt’.

Yesterday a 2nd grader asked the first Lady about her mother possibly being deported because she has no papers. Her mother has broken the law if her mother is here illegally how is she paying taxes what job is she doing that an out of work American could be doing. I’m sorry we the United States are being run over by Mexico. Our laws are being trampled over and these illegal immigrants are thumbing their nose at us while more and more illegal immigrants come into this country. It’s a darn invasion and we need to treat it like it is we need to get tougher and more states need to take Arizona’s initiative and enforce our laws. Deport illegal immigrants, crack down on employers of illegal immigrants, and secure the southern border. I’ll be darn if the United States is going to become Estados Unidos Of Mexico.

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