bp Throws The Kitchen Sink At Deep Underwater Oil Spill


A small pollution containment chamber, known as “top hat”, is loaded onto the deck of the motor vessel Gulf Protector at Wild Well Control Inc.in Port Fourchon, La, May 10, 2010. The chamber will be used in an attempt to contain an oil leak that was caused by the mobile offshore drilling unit Deepwater Horizon explosion. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Patrick Kelley. Photo taken May 10, 2010. REUTERS/ Petty Officer 3rd Class Patrick Kelley-US Coast Guard/Handout (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENERGY ENVIRONMENT DISASTER)


Well bp is trying to lower another smaller containment chamber atop the deep underwater oil well that is spilling thousands of barrels into the Gulf everyday. This is the second attempt at trying to position a containment chamber over the spill.If this doesn’t work they may try to plug the oil spill with trash, yes trash, by pumping rubber and other rubble to the well and thus plugging the well with a mound of tightly compacted  trash.

If that’s not raised your eyebrows bp exec and ceo Tony Hayward was heard saying “Hey It’s America, There are always illegitimate claims involved in these matters concerning America”, If I were Mr. Hayward I’d be more concerned with dealing with the spill rather than poking fingers at Americans along the Gulf and whether they have a legitimate claim or not.

BP chief executive officer Tony Hayward


BP will pay ‘legitimate’ Gulf Coast oil slick claims, but CEO says co. not responsible for accident…


Louisiana National Guardsmen use sandbags dropped by Blackhawk helicopters to build a dam to protect the fragile wetlands known locally as “Bayou”near the town of Grand Isle. The US administration moved Wednesday to boost funding for the clean-up of oil spills by hiking taxes on oil companies and raising the cap on a special liability fund.(AFP/File/Mark Ralston)


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