Greece Today, Europe Tomorrow; Dow Plunged 1000 pts Early In The Day

A stock broker is seen in front of the German share index daily graph in the central German city of Frankfurt on May 5. World markets have reacted withalarm to the economic crisis unfolding in the southern European country.(AFP/DDP/Thomas Lohnes)

Clashes at new mass protest in Greece against cuts…

Riot police are pelted with food in front of the Greek parliament in Athens in continued protests over announcement of draconian austerity measures, May6, 2010. Normal services returned to Greece today following a nationwide strike by civil servants and street violence which claimed three lives on Wednesday.REUTERS/Yiorgos Karahalis (GREECE)


Greeks protested in Athens near the Parliament building setting up confrontations with riot police. What we’re seeing today in Greece could be a prelude of further civil turmoil with Portugal, Spain, and Ireland also deep in debt.

Pro communist protesters march during an anti government rally in Athens on Thursday, May 6, 2010. Greek lawmakers approved a crucial austerity bill Thursdayneeded to tap €110 billion ($140 billion) in bailout loans from other eurozone countries and the International Monetary Fund, as massive crowds gathered outside parliament to protest the measures. The bill passed with 172 votes in favor and 121 against. Greeks have been outraged by the government’s proposed fiscal measures, and demonstrations turned violent on Wednesday during a nationwide general strike, leaving three people dead after becoming trapped in a burning bank torched by demonstrators.(AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis)


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