Greece Experiences Civil Turmoil As Greeks Protest Country’s Economic Collapse


Protesters throw traffic signs against riot police in front of the Parliament building during an anti Government rally in Athens, Greeece, on WednesdayMay 5, 2010. Flights to and from Greece were grounded, trains and ferries suspended their routes and public services were paralyzed Wednesday as Greek workers went on strike to protest harsh new spending cuts aimed at saving their country from bankruptcy.(AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

Angry Greeks ‘carrying the can’ for politicians…

 Greeks poured out into the streets to protest what they perceive as government corruption and major mismanagement by the Greek government. The European Union and International Monetary Fund have agreed to help Greece refinance its $400 billion debt that also puts demands on the greek government to cut wages, public works, and jobs. Today thousands of protesters marched against the Greek government and the agreements made with the European Union.

The Stream

A giant banner protesting Greece’s austerity measures hangs near the Parthenon on Acropolis hill in Athens early May 4, 2010.REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol


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