Contingency Plans?…What Are The Emergency Protocols For An Underwater Oil Leak?… bp Scrambles To Get Oil Spill Contained…

Workers at the Wild Well Control company work on a containment chamber that will be used to help contain the oil leaking from the Deepwarter Horizon drillingplatform in Port Fourchon, La., Monday, May 3, 2010. The chamber will be lowered onto the well and capture the oil that is spilling into the Gulf Of Mexico.(AP Photo/Bill Haber)

BP works feverishly for Gulf oil leak solution…

bp is constructing a deep water containment chamber to lower over one of 3 leaks from the broken offshore oil well. It’s never been tried before so it’s not a guarantee it will work or at least stem some of the oil from leaking to the surface. Also bp is trying to drill a second well to draw the oil from the  damaged oil well. But what were the contingency plans? It’s not like oil drilling is new to the Gulf of Mexico? Why aren’t there more failsafe mechanism to shut down the deep water well. Are there enough submersibles to get to the damaged pipe or the well itself?


THE stream…

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