BP Oil Company Needs To Step Up And Get Out Front Of The Containment Progress

A British Petroleum (BP) logo is seen at a petrol station in south London April 27, 2010. BP Plc’s announcement of a more than doubling of first-quarternet profits on Tuesday failed to ease investors’ concerns about the impact of a worsening oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, knocking the company’s shares.REUTERS/Toby Melville

Pressure mounts on British oil giant BP to tackle slick…

The last two days BP has almost been silent with few statements coming from its headquarters in Great Britain but, where are the local bp officials giving daily public statements and taking questions on what they are implementing in the containment and clean-up of what is possibly going to be the Gulf Coasts worst man-made disaster. BP should be getting out front of this disaster and assuring the American public its going to work with local and federal authorities and taking responsibility of what could be an ecological catastrophe and a major economic impact that will affect shrimp fishermen, oyster fishermen, commercial fishing, and tourism.



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