Arizona:If You’re Illegally In The United States Go Home…

The Stream

A group of undocumented immigrants walk through the Buenos Aires National Wild Refuge after they were detained in Arizona, in 2006. Arizona Governor JanBrewer on Friday signed a tough new immigration law which allows police officers in the border state to determine if people are in the United States legally.(AFP/File/Hector Mata)

McCain: Arizona had to crack down on immigration…

Arizona is coming under fire from hispanic organizations because of it’s tougher immigration law. Lets be clear if you commit a crime it is perfectly in the right of the local authorities to check your immigration status if you are suspected of being in the country illegally. Many Hispanics are accusing Arizona of racial profiling. The law should be applied for anyone hispanic, white, black,or asian who can’t produce basic identification or documents that all citizens normally carry. If you are put in jail for any crime  and you have no identification the authorities are going to finger print you and take a picture and are going to eventually ID you. If you are a U.S. citizen or are legally in the country you’re charged with the crime and you go to court for bail. If you are then found to be illegally in the country depending on the severity of the crime then you are deported. If the federal government isn’t going to do its jobs really enforce current laws then States have the right to mirror federal law and enforce immigration laws locally.

I ‘ve visited Mexico several times and each time I went through the check points with proper identification with respect of Mexican law. All Americans are asking for is that  Mexicans respect our laws and come across legally there is a reason why there are border entrance points and places along the border for security.

And by the way waving Mexican flags at these immigrant rallies by the protesters really shows what country you really love.


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