South Korean Warship Torpedoed…Act Of War?

A crane lifts the stern of a sunken South Korean warship onto a barge on April 15. First inspections of the bow of a South Korean warship show it was hit by an outside impact of considerable force, a military official said Saturday, as suspicion increasingly falls on North Korea.(AFP/File/Hong Jin-Hwan)

U.S. official: N. Korea torpedo likely sunk S. Korean warship

The Korean Warship Cheonan that sank last month has now been determined to have been sunk by a torpedeo.Suspected is North Korea which has been mum about the sinking. South Korea nor the United States have officially addressed this new revelation. Why would North Korea sink a South Korean ship then deny involvement? Are the North Koreans testing naval tactics? What will be the response from South Korea? 46 of the 110 South Korean sailors onboard were killed by the attack.


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