President Obama’s Last Proposal To Congressional Democrats On Healthcare Reform Reconciliation

President Obama will make a very important step today when he speaks from the White House. The President is about to give guidance in moving the Healthcare reform bill out of the Senate and House and pass a more moderate reform bill incorporating conservative ideas such as malpractice reform, greater interstate insurance access and other ideas. In doing so if/or when the Democrats do decide to reconcile the Senate and House bills it will incorporate a more bipartisan legislation even if no republicans vote for it.

US President Barack Obama walks to the Oval Office upon his return at the White House in Washington, DC, from Savannah, Georgia. Obama proposed Tuesday incorporating four Republican suggestions into historic health care reform legislation in a bid to boost support for his overhaul drive.(AFP/Jewel Samad)

Graphic comparing the average per capita health care cost and ...

Graphic comparing the average per capita health care cost and life expectancy in the developed world. US President Barack Obama will incorporate Republican suggestions for a health care overhaul when he lays out his plans to get the historic legislation passed by Congress.(AFP/Graphic)

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