The Healthcare Summit Is Set

The Blair House Televised ‘LIVE’ 10:00am est. – 4:00pm est. Tomorrow Feb. 25th

 Health Care Summit Format Details…

 The Stream 

A list of attendees was released today :

President Barack Obama

Democratic Senators
Harry Reid
Richard Durbin
Max Baucus
Tom Harkin
Christopher Dodd
Chuck Schumer
Patty Murray
Jay Rockefeller
Kent Conrad

Republican Senators

Mitch McConnell
Jon Kyl
Mike Enzi
Chuck Grassley
Lamar Alexander
John McCain
Tom Coburn
John Barrasso

Democratic House members
Nancy Pelosi
Steny Hoyer
James Clyburn
Charles Rangel
Henry Waxman
George Miller
John Dingell
Xavier Becerra
Louise Slaughter
Rob Andrews
Jim Cooper

Republican House members
John Boehner
Eric Cantor
Dave Camp
Joe Barton
John Kline
Charles Boustany
Marsha Blackburn
Peter Roskam
Paul Ryan


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