Courts Open The Flood Gates For Corporate Campaign Funding And Donations

Justices, 5-4, Reject Corporate Spending Limit…

Supreme Court rules 5-4 for a flood  of campaign cash by corporate and special interests to fund political campaigns. Now representatives of the people can now be bought and paid for by Wall Street, Big Oil, Insurance Companies and a host of large special interests. The peoples voice will surly be drowned out by corporate megaphone that can now manipulate elections by flowing millions in cash bundled for their bought and paid for politician.

I firmly believe the founding fathers didn’t want our elected officials to be puppets to corporations and special interests but a voice of the people. “WE THE PEOPLE”, starts the United States Constitution not “We The Corporations And Special Interests Of America”. All Americans from all political parties republican, conservative, democrat, liberal, or libertarian just got knee capped by the courts decision.


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