Republicans Tout Massachusetts Senate Win


The way republicans and conservatives are jumping up and down today you’d think they won back the Senate. They did take the filibuster majority but, Congressional democrats  and President Obama still have the majority in both the House and Senate.  I still believe democrats can and will get a comprehensive healthcare reform bill passed that will benefit “ALL AMERICANS”. Still democrats need to get out and explain healthcare and advocate stronger to Americans why it is good for all of us.

The #1 issue are jobs and the economy and the frustration of the lingering recession was clear last night. President Obama and democrats need to get out front and show progress that jobs are being created and initiatives like alternative energy will be a catalyst for millions of new jobs for millions of Americans in the future.

Republicans are going to continue to project doom and gloom for America and they are a master in fear mongering. Americans I hope look through the smoke that republicans try to create in order to defeat democrats and bring down Obama. We have to remember over a year ago this economy was in a free fall dive as companies were going bankrupt from a wild west republican leadership that allowed this country to get in the state its in.

Republicans and conservatives maybe jumping up and down that they won the Massachusetts senate seat but, democrats still have the majority to get issues done that will get affordable healthcare, alternative energy, and a robust and healthy economy.



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