Iranian Regime Arrests Hundreds In Aftermath Of Sunday Protests

Iran opposition leaders face execution: Khamenei aide

Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi (C) receives condolences for the death of his nephew Seyed Ali Habibi-Mousavi, on December 28 in Tehran. The 35-year-old nephew of Mousavi was shot dead in Tehran during protests on December 27 which turned into the bloodiest showdown between opposition protesters and security forces in months.(AFP/Arash Ashourinia)


Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took no time in blameing Sunday’s protests on the United States and the West. Yet these protests stem from the Iranian regime that isn’t tolerant to this large populace dissent. The day after the June elections 100,000’s of Iranians marched in the streets in protest of the election results in which millions of hand written ballots were hand counted within just four hours. Iranians appear to want a more social tolerant and accountable government by a strong percentage of protesters who are willing to publically protest on the streets.Now days, weeks, and months have now passed yet still 10,000’s of Iranians still protest when they can under a regime that is willing to use whatever measures to squash the protesters. Yet there is likely and large silent populace perhaps a majority of Iranians too scared to protest or dissent publically against the Admindinejad regime and the ruling Shia clerics. One thing is for sure opposition appears to be active and alive despite the oppression the regime has set a path on in which hundreds of Iranians imprisoned and subjected to brutality in order to intimidate and squash any dissent.


Signing off till January 4th. Hope everyone a great New Year and 2010 is already starting off good. I’m on the road this weekend for some family and football. Go South Carolina GameCocks!!



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