With The Public Option Squashed, Is This Healthcare Reform?

2009 Scrooge nominees:

Sen. Mary Landrieu, Sen. Joe Lierberman, more to come…

An independent and a few so-called democrats have pretty much gutted the Senate Healthcare Reform by threatening to veto any plan to offer a government backed health insurance program or expand medicare. It’s a shame that 56 senators right now could pass major healthcare reform if they could vote today in the Senate and that is a significant majority in the U.S. Senate but a few democrats like Louisiana  Sen. Mary Landrieu are so afraid that private insurers would be hurt by the legislation which would have given Americans choices either a private plan or a public option.This 60 vote filibuster rule is bologna!  Don’t give me this dung about cost because the status quo is costing billions of dollars a year providing emergency care for folks who can’t afford to see a family physician. Beyond passing a comprehensive healthcare bill are Americans going to be able to get access to affordable healthcare for themselves and their families it’s looking less and less likely thanks to these  few so-called democrats.

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