Sen. Joe “SCROOGE” Lieberman

Nominated SCROOGE OF 2009

Health care battle: Sen. Joe Lieberman threatens to join GOP opposition to Medicare buy-in plan…

Sen. Joe “Scrooge” Lieberman was on the Sunday morning circuit advocating for larger health insurance companies, larger profits, and less health care and access for Americans. What gets me is that he is allowed to hold chairmanship of homeland security in behalf of the democrats. He should be stripped of that chairmanship since he doesn’t appear to agree on anything the democrats are trying to accomplish with healthcare reform or anything else for that matter. This is a guy who ran for Vice-President in 2000 on the democrat party then spit at the party and endorsed George W. Bush in “04 and John McCain in “08. I have no respect for the man he doesn’t show any compassion or willingness to try to bring quality healthcare for millions because he’s scared it will cost too much. What if we stripped the Senator of all his government paid health insurance for him and his family and let him go out and buy a private plan I’d bet he see things a bit different.

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