President Obama Set To Lay Out Afghanistan Strategy At West Point

Barack Obama issues new Afghanistan military orders…

 Tuesday evening most of America will be tuning in on all the networks to hear and see President Obama lay out his strategy in moving forward in the Afghanistan War. Many reports circulating that President Obama will surge with 30,000 more U.S. Soldiers that will put American forces over 100,000 in Afghanistan. For the most part it appears getting the populated cities and towns in and around Taliban strongholds back into control of the coalition and allow the Karzai government to get its foot hold outside of Kabul and in the southern provinces of Afghanistan. We need support from our allies on this critical endeavor to rid Muslim extremists from having a nation state base to carry out terrorist attacks on civilians around the world so as President Obama is speaking tomorrow the call is going out to our allies to also send troops to help pacify Afghanistan. More after tomorrow’s speech at the Army West Point Academy which I believe should be carried by all the networks so every American can see and hear what the President has decided to do in the eight year running war in Afghanistan.

A U.S. soldier from Stryker Brigade walks during a foot patrol ...

A U.S. soldier from Stryker Brigade walks during a foot patrol in Arghandab District, Kandahar province November 1, 2009.REUTERS/ Omar Sobhani

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