Maricopa County Sheriff’s Employee Takes Documents From Defense Attorney Behind Her Back

Words made officer who took papers suspicious

Last month during a sentencing hearing for Antonio Solis Lozano accused of aggravated assault in jail an officer Adam Stoddard rifled through the defenses files and took documents while her back was turned it was all caught on camera. I was struck when I saw this yesterday on CNN because of the sneaky nature of how the officer just took the documents and then handed them to another officer to photocopy without asking for permission. Officer Adam Stoddard caught red handed by the defense attorney Joanne Cuccia confronted officer Stoddard during the precidings and acted as though it was normal and he had done nothing wrong. Now Mr. Lozano maybe a bad person perhaps he’s got whats coming to him but for court officers to brazenly go through a defense counsels files and documents during a preceding behind her back questions the ethics and jurisprudence Maricopa County Arizona. The officers in that court should be fired and charged with obstruction of justice.

Video feed of the courtroom incident was caught here is a copy of that live feed:


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