The New GOTP: Grand Old ‘Teabagger’ Party

NY Special Election  This combination image of Oct. 2009 file photos shows Congressional candidates in New York’s 23rd district, from left, Democrat Bill Owens, Conservative Party Dan Hoffman, and Republican Dierdre Scozzafava. Scozzafava is endorsing Democrat Bill Owens. Scozzafava said Democrat Bill Owens would be better at building on the legacy of Republican John McHugh, who previously represented the 23rd Congressional District.(AP Photo/File)


A GOP Civil War in Upstate New York…

It’s the first Tuesday of November and a rogue conservative group called the teabaggers are making a move in upstate New York for New York’s 23rd Congressional seat .The Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava was upended and pulled out this week by conservative independent Doug Hoffman who represents the new conservative activist element of the G.O.P. This has been seen as a tear in the G.O.P that may see more republican seats challenged by the more conservative teabaggers. This is a test tomorrow for the traditional republican party and the more activist conservative wing of the party. Now as of last night the republican Dede Scozzafava swung her support behind the democratic candidate Bill Owens. The Grand Old Party appears to be seeing a few tears and holes in its ranks and tomorrow could be a shot across the bow for the more traditional republicans like Chariman Michael Steele and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.


Demonstrators against US President Barack Obama stage a “Tea Party” protest in Staten Island, New York, in April 2009. Top-level Republican feuding has trickled down to New York’s 23rd District, where a three-way race for the House of Representatives sees the unofficial Republican candidate backed by “Tea Party” conservative activists.(AFP/File/Emmanuel Dunand)


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