Boeing Chooses South Carolina For New 787 Dreamliner Line



File photo shows Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner at its world premiere in Everett, Washington state. The US aerospace giant has chosen South Carolina as the location for a second production line for the troubled long-haul jet, the company has said.(AFP/File/Tangi Quemener)

South Carolina lands Boeing…


Boeing announced today it chose North Charleston, South Carolina over Washington to build its newest line of 787 Dreamliner airplanes. The new manufacturing aerospace plant will provide 4000 new jobs and over $700million of investment into the area. A big boost to a state that has been dredging in double digit unemployment.

Boeing 787 Plant

Boeing employees work on an aft fuselage for the 787 Dreamliner inside the North Charleston, S.C., facility Wednesday Oct. 28, 2009 near U.S. and South Carolina flags. Boeing officials said Wednesday that it would open a second assembly plant in North Charleston for its 787.(AP Photo/Mic Smith)



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