Suicide Bomber Kills Five Iranian Elite Revolutionary Commanders

iranblast (Custom)

A map of Iran locating a suicide attack in Pisheen. A suicide bomber killed seven commanders of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards and dozens of other people Sunday in an attack President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad charged had been plotted from Pakistan.(AFP/Graphic)

The town of Pisheen near the Iran-Pakistan border was the site of an unusual suicide bomber attack in which five elite Iranian revolutionary guard commanders were killed. It is not none yet who’s responsible for the attack which could have come from Sunni militants.

Guards generals among dozens killed in Iran attack…

This image grab taken from Iran's Al-Alam TV shows Iranian ...

This image grab taken from Iran’s Al-Alam TV shows Iranian General Nur-Ali Shushtari, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards ground forces, addressing a meeting in the southeastern Iranian city of Pisheen, near the border with Pakistan. Shushtari was killed when a suicide bomber attacked the meeting.(AFP/Al-Alam)



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