South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford Gets Away With Speeding

Gov. Sanford’s Car Pulled For Speeding, But No Ticket…

Gov. Mark Sanford who is under a lot of state pressure to resign after a secret trip to Argentina to meet with a secret lover was revealed in June. The governor who was being driven by a State agent were pulled over doing 20 miles over the speed limit. The Officer Trooper Lance Cpl. R.S. Salter asked the agent why he was speeding and the agent replied he was driving the governor. The trooper responded that isn’t a good reason the agent said”Tell Him That.” The trooper then walked over to the governor’s car window and Gov. Mark  Sanford introduced himself and shook the troopers hand. The trooper asked if everything was alright and then proceeded back to his cruiser where he was going to write the agent a ticket but before the trooper could write the ticket the agent and the governor took off at warp speed.

The governor is in bad shape here in South Carolina everyone I talk to liberal to conservative want him gone but the governor continues to grasp his office and continues to wobble on state business as unemployment in South Carolina reached a record 12% . Impeachment has moved forward in the state congress on his abuse of travel expenses and his abandonment of South Carolina when he lied about an Appalachian hike and flew secretly to Argentina on Fathers Day leaving his wife and four boys.

Gov. Sanford Theme Song:


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