CBS Producer Charged With Extortion Plot Against Late Night David Letterman

This image rendered form video shows David Letterman as he tells ...


A  CBS “48 Hours” news producer tried to extort Late Night David Letterman out of $2 million. The producer’s name was revealed this morning Robert “Joe” Halderman who produced news segments for CBS’s 48 Hours. David Letterman announced the plot on his show last night and came forward about the  allegations that he had sexual relations with CBS Staff.

Oblogma sense really doesn’t care what a private citizen does in his private life. I just get hot around the collar by public politicians who ask for your vote and promise integrity of the office they seek. Gov. Sanford of South Carolina is a prime example he ran on family values and decency but does the opposite for his family and the office of Governor. David Letterman is an entertainer he is not a public official and doesn’t ask for votes from constituents and promise to hold a personal standard while serving office.

If anything is learned from this it is don’t try to extort or blackmail a comedian they always have the last word.


Joe Halderman


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