Extreme Talk Pays $20 Million

 timebeck (Small)

Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad For America?…

Time magazine will be coming out this week with a cover of Mr. Glenn Beck with his tongue sticking out like an immature teenager. The self proclaimed “radio clown” talk show host Glenn Beck reportedly makes $2o million a year channeling anger and fear. Personally, I can’t watch or listen more than five minutes of Glenn Beck but, I’ve heard enough to know that this guy is making a fortune in stoking fires in conspiracy and racism.

He claims that President Obama doesn’t like white people and the country is entering into Marxist socialism. Mr. Beck peddles snake oil remedies for the most extreme right of the country and in doing so gins up crowds like the teabaggers. Mr. Beck is right he is a radio clown but a well paid one at that who is going to continue to spread anger and fear in order to get well paid and damned who gets hurt. I’ve already spent five minutes typing this post for the blog and that’s five minutes too long.


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