Comprehensive Healthcare Reform May Have To Be The Way To Go

It appears the major obstacle for a public option is coming from the U.S. Senate where a small group of democrats are wavering. No republicans as yet is willing to compromise and support a government sponsored public option. It looks more apparent since last night’s speech by President Obama that the comprehensive plan in which certain regulations and laws would be targeted to the private insurance companies is the most achievable path. It would legislate that insurance companies can’t just drop you once you get sick nor discriminate against you and deny coverage because of a pre medical condition. Also by providing a public exchange where multiple health insurance  options are available and not bound by state lines could compete and drive down premiums. There are a whole host of initiatives in a comprehensive health reform plan that could achieve in the end insurance coverage for all Americans. This strategy of targeting the insurance companies will still come under intense fire because republicans are deep in the sack with the private insurance companies but the pressure of not doing nothing and their fierce objection to a public option may eventually bring them to the table.

U.S. President Barack Obama (R) delivers a speech on healthcare ...


blow hard moron (Small)


Rep. Joe Wilson says he apologized but that isn’t enough as a constituent in his district and an American I demand he do it in public and express how sorry a piece of trash he is to all of us. Now knowing Joe Wilson he will not and thus beginning today I am in full support of democrat and his challenger Rob Miller who as of today raised nearly $200,000 overnight. From time to time here on Oblogma Sense I will post blogs about the race and how to help and support Rob Miller in defeating Rep. Joe Wilson.



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