“Let’s Be Clear!” President Obama Addresses A Joint Session Of Congress

BAM "Let's Be Clear!"

  I believe this is a “Let’s Be Clear” moment in which the President speaks to a Joint Session of Congress and the Nation. The President begins the narrowing of the debate on the essentials of a real healthcare bill that will in the end provide Americans a choice of insurance options that are very accessible, and very affordable. How we get there will be clarified tonight as congress listens and begins the process of banging out the final health care bills for a VOTE!

Well-wishers hold up banners pledging their support for the ...

Well-wishers hold up banners pledging their support for the National Health Service, in front of the Eisenhower statue near the US Embassy in London in August 2009. US President Barack Obama Wednesday aims to clear up “confusion” and answer the “big questions” on his embattled healthcare reform plan in a crucial address to Congress, the White House said.

Healthcare Reform’s Achilles Heel ‘The U.S. Senate’

We need a majority whip in the Senate. The minority republicans aren’t willing to compromise and soft democrats in the Senate don’t appear to have a  backbone . Senator Max Baucus of Montana is to weak in his own healthcare bill and is cowing to republicans and now GOP legislators are calling for Obama to start over. Start over! It amazes me democrats have big majorities in both the House and Senate and yet they allow republicans to dictate to them legislative power on such an important issue. We all watched over the last 8 years The House was locked down and guarded by Rep. Hastert of Indiana and nothing by democrats that is socially important to the country ever left the House. Now that the republican guard dogs have been voted out in both the House and Senate democrats can’t muster the will to get the right healthcare bill passed in the U.S. Senate. Frustrating!



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